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  • Want your grass cut? Lawn Mowing, Edging, General Gardening, Garden Work.
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    We believe providers should be up front with prices, hence the estimater link above.
    No surprises.
  • Garden bags collected monthly for $15/mth, $25/2mth, $35/3mth. $50 refundable deposit.
  • What about that bush overgrowing into next doors yard? Small Tree Lopping, Garden Clean Up, Weeding, including hand weeding.
  • Got a bunch of green waste to go to the tip? Tip runs
  • I can also clean your office. Office cleaning
  • Light Building Maintenance. Hole in wall plaster. Paint a damaged wall or ceiling. Maintain a door or door repair.
  • House and Path power wash or a soft wash.
  • Small concreting jobs. Want a concrete shed slab? Or a small path?
  • Concrete demolition using jack hammer.
  • Window Clean. Inside and out, sills included.
  • Gutter Clean. Choice of hand cleaned, power washed or vacuumed.
  • Restring your outdoor clothes line. Choice of colors.
  • 3D print your next model in PLA or ABS plastic. You supply design or I will design for you.
  • Laser engrave your wooden, paper, plastic or leather object. Maybe engrave a plaque.
  • While you are holidaying, I can look after your house, dropping in regularly, collecting mail, water plants, general gardening, sweep the paths, pet care, etc
  • Those domestic jobs you don't want to do


  • Regular Jobs start from $29/hr, minimum 2 hours
  • Once off jobs, first timers, longer than normal grass, start at $40/hour, minimum 2 hours, $29/hr there after.
  • NOTE: All prices are for one worker only. If more than one needed, additional workers charged at $29/hr.
  • Typical lawn mowing (base) prices inc GST: (Add $10-$20-$30 takeaway clipplings)
    • small $33-44 (less than 1 hour)
    • medium - $55-88 (1-2hours)
    • Large - $88+ (greater than 2 hours)

Hints and tips.

  • To reduce your yard mow cost and reduce the risk of damage or injury, please clear the area to be mowed prior to attendance:
    -debri such as bricks (dogs bricks too), spanners, kids toys, etc.
    -rubbish and anything else that belongs in the bin.
    -hose and fittings.
    -vehicles off lawn/grass.
    If you would like us to do these chores for you as part of the job, additional costs may apply. If not, we simply mow around them.
  • If you have a dog, please be sure to secure it so it does not interfere with the service.
  • For safety reasons, please make sure no one is around machinary when lawn mowing service is being executed. e.g. your children, visitors, etc.

Lawn Mowing.

General Gardening and Cleaning.

Jobs done in Brisbane and Logan areas.