Lawn Mowing Browns Plains

Jobs You Want Done..

  • Want your grass cut? Lawn Mowing, Edging, General Gardening, Garden Work.
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  • Need to spread top soil or mulch or place concrete sleepers. We have mini loader that fits in a normal gate. $66/hr for first 3 hours, $55/hr there after.
  • Garden bags collected monthly for $15/mth, $29/2mth, $40/3mth. $50 refundable deposit.
  • What about that bush overgrowing into next doors yard? Small Tree Lopping, Garden Clean Up, Weeding, including hand weeding.
  • Got a bunch of green waste to go to the tip? Tip runs
  • Clean your office, including your data racks and server cabinets. Office cleaning
  • Light Building Maintenance. Hole in wall plaster. Paint a damaged wall or ceiling. Maintain a door or door repair.
  • House and Path power wash or a soft wash.
  • Small concreting jobs. Want a concrete shed slab? Or a small path?
  • Concrete demolition using jack hammer.
  • Window Clean. Inside and out, sills included.
  • Gutter Clean. Choice of hand cleaned, power washed or vacuumed.
  • Restring your outdoor clothes line. Choice of colors.
  • 3D print your next model in PLA or ABS plastic. You supply design or I will design for you.
  • Laser engrave your wooden, paper, plastic or leather object. Maybe engrave a plaque.
  • While you are holidaying, I can look after your house, dropping in regularly, collecting mail, water plants, general gardening, sweep the paths, pet care, etc
  • Those domestic jobs you don't want to do


  • Regular Jobs start from $35/hr
  • Once off jobs, first timers, longer than normal grass, start at $46/hour, $35/hr there after.
  • Unless otherwise arranged, all payments are to be made in cash and receipt will be issued to you.
  • NOTE: All prices are for one worker only. Additional workers charged at $35/hr each.

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Lawn Mowing.

General Gardening and Cleaning.

Jobs done in Brisbane and Logan area.